The Beautiful Women of Crystal Bridges

3 1/2 hours South of Kansas City, just off 71 Highway we arrived at Crystal Bridges Art Museum.  It is beautiful.  It is well-funded.  It is worth the trip.  The works of art inside and outside of the buildings would excite the best of collectors.  I have included just a sample of the beautiful women, memorialized in art, scattered through the gallery.

The Goddess Prosperine  by Hiram Powers ( 1840) is poised and elegant, as is the lady in the oil painting behind her.

Summertime, Mary Cassatt (1894) reminds me of summers on the lake.  The ducks are just a bonus.

Female torso — I failed to identify the artist when we visited the museum, but isn’t she beautiful?

Roses of Yesterday, Harriet Whitney Frishmuth, 1924.  She represents youth and innocence.
      The Reader,  Mary Cassatt (1877) reminds me of Joe in Little Women.
If you enjoy these works of art, take the time to visit this first class gallery. You will not regret it.

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