About our Blog

This blog was created to provide a place to further our curiosity for a variety of contemporary issues and to share our thoughts with others. The idea behind “Shifting the Balance” is that you constantly have to adjust to new ideas, technology and conditions in order to maintain the balance in the world. Sometimes the focus must be placed more heavily on saving the environment, sometimes on boosting the economy. These entries are a reflection of the ideas we think are important to maintaining a healthy, happy world.


2 responses to “About our Blog

  1. Ann and Meg, I am so impressed with your mutual blog. It is so well thought through, beautifully designed and executed. Your posts are thoughtful and clear, exhibiting the depth and breadth of your knowledge and interests, and heartfelt concern for our planet and all humanity. Bravo! Love and Hugs, Auntie

  2. Hugs for you too. Meg has carried the load for some time, and done so beautifully. It is fun for me to pick up a bit of the writing again. I have missed it.

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