Ann and Meg

Meg McCollister:

Meg graduated from UMKC School of Law in May 2011 with Honors in Pro Bono Service and the Emphasis in Urban, Land Use and Environmental Law. During school, Meg participated in Environmental Law Society and VITA Tax Clinic. Outside of law school, Meg has been very involved with the local greyhound rescue group, Kansas City REGAP, the Independence Messiah Choir, and has continued to maintain her focus on physical health. On a beautiful day, you can always find her on a run or outside playing with her two greyhounds, Lily and Cousteau. She now lives in Petaluma, California.

Ann Mesle:

Ann graduated from UMKC School of Law in May 1972. She is also involved in the Kansas City legal community. Outside of work, Ann participates in educational organizations and community activities. She is actively involved in the local Bar associations and professional organizations, and feels personally invested in the health of the community. Ann and her husband have a handsome dog, Casey, and they all enjoy long walks and travel around the city and beyond.


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  1. I have access to all the birth, death, and marriage records for Glogon for two centuries.
    I found you by doing a search on “Glogon” on Google. I can send you a jpg of your grandmother Catharina Kirchner’s birth record in the Roman Catholic birth book if you’d like. Send me an e-mail to the below details —

  2. Hi — I’m thinking of doing the saliva sample. I read your blog about the results of yours. Do you think, after all, that is was accurate, and do you recomend it?
    Also, did you locate any “newly found” relative through the saliva test?

    Thank you,

    Lesley S
    Sherman Oaks CA

    • It was worth doing for me. It is reasonably priced, easy and fast. Having said that, it has caused me to follow up on information I have previously ignored, ie. that my great grandmother really might be from Hungary. Hungary is consistent with my DNA results.
      In addition, though, I tend to want to be doubly cautious. I want another member of my family to be tested to determine whether the test was accurate.
      But I have dealt with DNA testing in my job and it is amazing what can be done with the testing. I have heard of contamination issues but only see that as a problem that occurs when someone is careless. It is not the science that is wrong, just the technician,

      I would really love to know what happens if you are tested. Good luck!

  3. The King Phillip’s War also referred to as Metacom Revolt was the first Indian War. Metacom had adopted the English name King Phillip because of his friendship with the Pilgram settlers. England had little involvement in the conflict. I enjoyed your article. I fell in love with The Scout when I saw it in Seville in my 40’s. It was the first time I saw even though I grew up in Kansas City – Pem Day ’66.

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