Arab Spring Meets Occupy Wallstreet

We have watched and applauded the demonstrators who oppose tyranny throughout the Middle East. Doubtless, these demonstrations have significantly impacted events throughout that Region.

Now we are faced with demonstrations in U.S. Not since the 60′s have we seen anything like this: Occupy Wall Street. Focused on claims of corporate greed and corruption, the movement labels itself as focusing on the 99% who do not share the wealth and opportunities of the financial elite.

This movement is garnering increased national attention. To date there has been no loss of life. Hopefully, that will not change. Whether Occupy Wall street is the beginning of a new political movement is uncertain.

At least for the moment, the movement and the response to it is building and changing on an ongoing basis and is shifting the national dialogue. With no tyrants to depose can it, is it, in any way entitled to comparison to the Arab Spring. Time may tell.


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