Picking a Name for a Blog

How do you pick a name for a blog? Meg and I spent a lot of time studying blog sites and reading blogs written by others. We wanted to understand how this works and to reflect on topics we intend to write about. we want flexibility and to write about light and serious subject. we don’t want to talk about partisan issues and we don’t want to add to the venom we see in much of our public dialogue. We do care about education, the environment, healthy lives and healthy communities. We are interested in how we individually and collectively adapt, and contribute, to our changing world.

With all of this in mind we had great mother daughter dialogue as we considered a name. After careful reflection–and some frustration finding a name that had not been taken, we have decided on Shifting the Balance. What does it mean to us;;

Shifting the balance on environmental, health care and similar challenges;

Shifting the balance from emotion based to information based dialogue;

Shifting the balance from unhealthy to healthy life choices on food, physical activity, use of resources both personal and public;

Shifting the balance–well you get the picture.


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