Loving Lila

There are few joys in life more gratifying than the relationships we have with children.  They represent pure love and a joy that is unparalleled.  We thrive on their unconditional faith that we can make all things right.  But sometimes we cannot protect them from life’s great challenges. That is the case with Lila.

She is so young and so loved, surrounded by family and friends who have treasured her since before she was born.  Now Lila is ill.  The same loving community that has sought to love and protect her is now focused, for the next days, weeks, and months, on every step of her diagnosis, her treatment, her care and her recovery.  The outpouring of love and support for Lila and her family forms a protective shield around her as though to protect her from the dangers in her own body.  If love alone could cure, she would not be struggling now.

As I write this I am aware that there are many children just like Lila.  Children who are ill or injured.  Children whose families love them as we love Lila.  These children are no less precious.  Their pain is no less overwhelming.  Their fear no less all-consuming.  Committed families and friends draw on personal and spiritual communities as we place our precious children in the care of skilled physicians and pediatric specialists.

Surely there is no good that diminishes the suffering, no words that lessen the burden. Yet, somehow the love of a supportive community and the compassionate care of high quality doctors and nurses help Lila and her family navigate through the perils and fear.  Lila, and all the children like Lila, move through each step toward the future holding our hearts in their hands.  Be safe, Lila.


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