Naples, Florida: a place of sun, water, and glamour

Naples prides itself on it’s natural beauty combined with the elegance of the architecture and the high-end shopping and dining options. Retirees flock here, from the less affluent in trailer parks to the very affluent tucked away in gated communities, with views of golf courses, marinas, boats and canals. The food is amazing; shopping abounds. Life in Naples is truly a change of pace for Northerners getting away from the ice and cold of winter.

Rich or not so rich, everyone has the luxury of the sun, the water and the climate.  What I noticed first about the seniors we encountered was that people appear to be healthy and physically active. Perhaps the easy availability of a multitude of fresh  fruits and vegetables, the broiled fish and shellfish, all make it easy to have a healthy diet. The climate encourages outdoor exercise, and the beauty supports a positive attitude. That was certainly the impact on me.

Water is a major attraction in the area.  Soft sand beaches give way to marinas with power boats.  Sailors go to areas with deep harbors such as Marco Island. Get away for a weekend, the winter or live here all year.  It will take your breath away.


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