Sophia’s Grand Tour

When I think about a grand tour, I envision the Italian Riviera, Big Ben, ancient cities and wonderful museums.  But we are talking about Sophia.  She is only two.  Besides, she already lives in the one the world’s most wonderful cities, with its canals, museums and tulips.  So for Sophia, a grand tour involved flying to the United States to see what we have to offer.

Kansas City

Sophia and her mom and dad arrived in Kansas City International Airport for a 3-week vacation to visit relatives and have a change of pace from the cold European winter.  Granddad met her at the airport.

Our schedule revolved around her naps, her bath and her periods of high energy.

Food was always a source of entertainment.  She prefers dark breads, tangy cheeses and her dad’s great cooking. She also ate local foods that were unusual for her.  We tried to remain consistent with mom and dad’s preference that she eat only organic eggs, milk fruits and vegetables.

She visited many of our favorite haunts: including the Country Club Plaza and Kauffman Gardens.  She ate dinner at a lovely little restaurant at 17th and Summit.

Her uncle Bill and Aunt Sherry came to see her.  She spent a lot of quality time with Casey.

Way too soon, it was time for her to leave Kansas City for a week in:

The Heart of Texas

Sophia and her parents flew to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas to visit family and old friends.  She went to the zoo with her Aunt Christina.

She visited her great aunts and uncle in Springtown, Texas, where she got to get “up close and personal” with cattle and donkeys on the family farm.  

She went shopping with her mom and dad.  She visited her Grandmother Judy and all her family.

We know how hard it must have been for her grandmother Judy when she got back on a jet to travel

Sunny Florida

The real treat for Laura and Michel was the week in Southern Florida.  Despite Amsterdam’s beauty, they cold gray weather is a great motivator to get Laura, Michel and Sophia to meet us somewhere warm and sunny.  Siesta Key fit the bill perfectly.

Siesta Key is such an amazing place for children.  Sophia loves the water and the sun.  

She loved to run back and forth into the water, seeming to mimic the water birds nearby.

Way too soon for Terry and me it was time for Sophia and her parents to return home.  It is always bitter-sweet to see them because the joy of the visit is tempered by the knowledge that every visit is a gift, and that she will change and grow during the months we are not with her.  But, we love every minute we have with her.  We also know that waiting for her in Amsterdam are her wonderful grandparents.

Return to Amsterdam

Sophia’s grandparents, Rudy (Opa) and Evelyn (Oma) are waiting at home to welcome Sophia with open arms and happy hearts.

We miss Sophia every day and wish we could be with her, but we are so grateful that she is surrounded by wonderful parents and grandparents and that her world is filled with love.


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