Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Some signs just have to be enjoyed and remembered:

Hilton Head Nature Center

Siesta Key, Florida

Il Centro, Kansas City, Missouri

Sonoma County, California

Siesta Key, Florida

“Signs, Signs” by Les Emmerson, was awarded a gold disc by the R.I.A.A. in August 1971.


5 responses to “Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

  1. I do love a good sign, may have to share a few of the weird and wonderful signs I’ve seen over the years… You’ve inspired me

    • Oh, you should share. The sign at Hilton Head
      Just struck me as so funny when I found it as
      I was walking the trail in the swamp. We were
      All watching for alligators since we had been
      Told about the areas of the swamp where we were most likely
      To see them. There are lots of fun signs to share.

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