A music-filled Sunday afternoon at Rancho Nicasio

There are many things that are completely fabulous about living in California, and spending a Sunday afternoon listening to cajun music at Rancho Nicasio is definitely one of them! Last weekend, we had the pleasure of joining some of our favorite folks out at the ranch, listening to cajun/zydeco music out on the lawn and eating some delicious bbq. What a way to spend the day!

The two groups playing that day were Flambeau, with fiddler Tom Rigney, and Beausoleil, with fiddler Michael Doucet. Auntie tells me both of these gentlemen are two of the best, if not THE best fiddlers in the world. Lucky for me, I got to see them both for the first time on the very same stage!

It was a lovely afternoon, hopefully something we’ll get to do again in the very near future. Thank you to Auntie and Tio for extending my fabulous birthday celebration with this amazing outing! – MB:)


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