Rejoice! The Mesle Family Welcomes Nora Parker Mesle

Welcome to the family, Nora Parker Mesle (Parker).  This is another exciting day for the family.  Parker entered the world early last night. Weighing in at a healthy 7 lb 12 ounces she is already surrounded by the love of her mom and dad, Abbey and Mark, and her paternal grandparents, Bob and Barb.  I can only assume Abbey’s parents are there as well, full of joy and excitement with the rest of us.

News is a little sketchy.  Parker was born in Chicago.  Bob and Barb had a long drive from Lamoni, Iowa to be there for her birth.  The word we have is that Parker and Abbey are healthy and the family is exhausted.

We are excited about the arrival of this youngest Mesle.  Surprised, no.  Delighted, yes.  We all knew Mark and Abbey were full of life and hopes for the future when we saw this great smooch in pictures from their wedding on the beach of Belize.

Dear Parker, you are one lucky young lady.  Your mom is a warrior princess and your dad is the kindest person in the world.  There are so many great stories you will hear as you grow up.  You will be loved and nurtured by your wonderful parents, grandparents and all your family.  I guarantee your cousins, and all of us, are eager to meet you.

Mark, Abbey, and Parker, we love you all!!


2 responses to “Rejoice! The Mesle Family Welcomes Nora Parker Mesle

  1. I love the description of Abbey and Mark as Warrior Princess and Kindest Peerson in the World. I really am excited to meet this little girl.

  2. If you have read Mark’s travel blog, you already know that Abbey ran after, and stopped, a young thief, trying to steal one of her most valuable possessions. It is a story worth reading and definitely qualifies her to use the title “warrior princess”.

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