The Beautiful Bridges of Midland, MI

I just returned home from a long weekend visit in Midland, MI where my Dad and Auntie Carol grew up. I’m still going through pictures of their childhood homes, grade schools, and local hangouts, but in the meantime, I was really impressed by all the beautiful sites Midland, MI has to offer. In particular, I was fascinated by its beautiful bridges.

This is the tri-bridge, or “Tridge” in downtown Midland. It has three bridges that meet in the middle over the water where two rivers merge into one.

This next bridge is part of Dow Garden, where visitors can see the Dow family property. The estate is comprised of Herbert and Grace Dow’s home, which was completed in 1915, the home of their son, architect Alden Dow, and surrounded by a huge garden designed by Herbet.

Okay, so this bridge is actually in Bay City along the shore of Lake Huron. We saw it when we took the short (15 min) drive over to see the Lake, and the Harley shop of course!

There were many beautiful sites, and I will share them all with you soon!


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