The Art of the Wall

In years past, teenagers snuck out at night with paint brushes and spray cans to create what was generally mediocre, if colorful, graffiti under bridges, on vacant buildings and sometimes the sides of churches and schools.

Without question the world of graffiti has changed.  The murals I see on my drives through urban Kansas City are often exquisite works of art that appear to have been the work of artists hired by business owners to create colorful displays on the exteriors of their buildings.  Even the texture of the bricks beneath the designs adds to the visual impact.  It is, in effect, graffiti “grown up”.

When I happen upon a particularly colorful design, I find I alter my route to and from work just to see the art over and over again.  I regret only that I am unable to identify the artist so I could praise them by name on this post.

At least I can honor these urban artists by sharing their creative designs with our friends.  In Kansas City, at least, art finds its form in these creative, incredibly colorful, urban designs.  Aren’t we lucky!


13 responses to “The Art of the Wall

  1. Do not write on walls..its prohibited but , if you want to do graffiti’ that’s allowed
    after many years it would be discovered by a generation who would discuss , how this civilization wrote their history on other’s wall..not bad 🙂

  2. Thanks. Seriously, you are obviously an artist. My niece participates with a group of professionals who write a blog called “Avidly”. They write for the pure love of writing. Your use of words reminds me of the way they write. Oh, to have such a pen!

  3. I found your blog by doing a google search on graffiti in the KC area. Would you mind telling me where you found these two pieces? They are phenomenal. I have a photo shoot in mind with my children and I’ve been looking for the best graffiti to use as a background. Unfortunately, I have to travel to get to KC so I won’t have the luxury of cruising just to find it. Thanks for your help, and regardless, I love your posts on the beautiful art in KC.

    • It has been more than a year–so before responding I drove to Westport and found the dragon. It is on the wall on the Northside of AKKA Karate at 40th Terr. and Broadway, right in the heart of Westport. I can’t find the first photo. I thought it would also be in Westport, but it isn’t. If I find it I will let you know.

      I am convinced there are a number of pieces by these artists, and suggest it is worth your time to cruise, check on alleys, deteriorated buildings, etc.

      Happy hunting

    • I would be happy to drive some of my favorite graffiti neighborhoods and include both some photographs and the addresses where they are located. I assure you it would be a pleasure for me. You can find graffiti in some strange places. Alleys, parking lots, all sorts of side streets, etc.

      • Thank you so much! That is very kind of you. I also appreciate the fast responses. I wasn’t sure what to expect since the post was so old. The talent level with these art pieces is absolutely phenomenal.

      • The benefit of loving Kansas City, and loving sharing it with others, is that when you tell me you want to use Kansas City graffiti for your project, I just want to make it a happy experience!

        Have a great weekend. My dog Casey (who travels with me for most of my excursions) and I are on the case!

  4. I wanted to thank you again for all of your help. We made the trek yesterday and got some great shots with various pieces in the background. I was going to post one here to show you, but I don’t see that I have the option. I love all the new posts too, thanks for sharing the art!

  5. We are so glad you made the trip and found Great Wall art. I am sorry you souls not post. Photo. I also enjoyed the couple of weeks I spent wandering through K.C. Taking photos do the wallart and graffiti I found.

    As an aside, I told a doctor friend about the gang graffiti I found a couple of blocks fom his office. I thin 24 hours he painted over the gang symbols.

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