California Coastline — Driving Hwy 1

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving getaway down to the beach near San Luis Obispo. On our way down, we decided to take Hwy 1, which is quite possibly the most beautiful drive on the planet. I had the chance to take in a lot of beautiful views and a good number of photos! You know me and my pictures of the ocean. Here are a few of my favorites. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Just south of Carmel, this was a lookout point that offered a framed view of the ocean.

And a few miles further, this was a beautiful view looking South.

More to come….it was a beautiful couple of days!


3 responses to “California Coastline — Driving Hwy 1

  1. In addition to being a great drive, hwy 1 is an excellent bike ride as well. It’s better to go south they say due to wind, but I wouldn’t know personally about that. If you are still there, try to get pictures of tide pools!

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