Ending 2012 with a beautiful drive across the USA

It’s been an amazing year. 2012 has brought new friends, beautiful travels, the loss of good friends, the birth of little Mesles, exciting work, and many other ventures. The list goes on. After a wonderful visit to see friends and family for the holidays in Kansas City, Jake and I drove back to California with the puppies in tow. What did we decide to throw into our road trip? A visit to the Grand Canyon, of course.

Yavapai Point at the Grand Canyon

As we arrived back in California, we trekked through the Mojave Desert to round out our adventure through the southwest.

Mojave Desert

We miss our friends and family back in the midwest, but we are excited to be back home in sunny California. Tonight, we will celebrate with friends and family in San Rafael, and count the many good times we had in 2012.

Have a Happy New Year!


4 responses to “Ending 2012 with a beautiful drive across the USA

  1. You are so smart to fit these gifts of Mother Nature into your lives, and your pictures ar gifts to us. Thank you, my dear.

  2. What Great Blessings, to be able to experience such beautiful sites, thank you for sharing ! Propserous New Year to All 🙂

    • There are beautiful sites in Texas as well. I need to spend more time photographing the amazing places there. Maybe Terry and I can take a trip diving through Texas instead of just to Texas.

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