The challenge: my pickup for today

The challenge: my pickup for today

Last week I challenged my friends and family to pick up at least one piece of trash a day. I took the kids for a walk this morning around our neighborhood. I picked up this plastic spoon and rusted nail from the sidewalk. Have you picked up a piece of trash today?


A challenge for my friends and family– Pick up one piece of trash every day

It’s not hard. Just one piece! Well, today I picked up several pieces of glass I found along my running trail on the eastern edge of Petaluma, but the point is, just a little bit at a time will make a big difference.

Glass from the trail

Every little bit helps. So when you’re out for a walk or going to the store, pick up that wrapper that someone neglected to throw in the garbage can, or the empty bag of chips floating across the soccer field. I guarantee a trash can is on your way to wherever you’re going, or at least nearby, and you can always wash your hands!

So I challenge you all to take that extra 10 seconds to pick up one piece of trash a day. You’ll feel great about yourself for doing it!