The Clouds Before the Storm

These are from our drive through Wyoming just a few days ago. We somehow slipped through a little crack in the storm in order to avoid the worst of the weather, but the clouds were beautiful, especially with the mountain background.

Here comes the snow in Wyoming!

More snow and clouds in the mountains of Wyoming

It’s definitely winter, and the holidays are just around the corner!


Good Morning, Fallon

I’ve made a few trips to Fallon, NV recently. It’s a small town of about 10,000 people in the western part of Nevada, about an hour away from Reno. My favorite thing about Fallon is the warmth and generosity of its people. Every time I walk into a coffee shop or grocery store, I have a wonderful conversation with a complete stranger. Fallon is also home to the “Top Gun” training program for the Navy, so it has a fascinating mix of people.

Here are a few shots of the morning view on my way out of Fallon during my most recent visit. The mountains and clouds were beautiful, and I saw the first of many trains that day.

Mountains in the morning, north of Fallon on Hwy 95

Train along BNSF tracks, where Hwy 95 meets I-80

Good Morning Fallon

Have a great day!

To rain or not to rain, that is the question

It is dry, oh so dry.  The impact of this drought is the subject of a future post.  But the question of the moment is whether there will be rain today.  The weather forecast gives us hope that there will be relief from the 105 degree temperatures for at least a few days.  We are also given the promise of rain, precious rain.

Late yesterday afternoon I felt a single drop of rain.  On my drive home I saw a splash or two.  By 8 p.m. I was excited to see a real cloud.  The gray of a rain cloud was fighting against the fluffy white cloud which normally would have seemed lovely and delicate.  Now the dark of the rain cloud holds  our attention.

There were a few more drops and nothing more.  What does today hold?  Precious rain or dry heat?  That is the question.