Visit Bob’s House: For A Wicked Halloween

The word is out.  K.C. Channel 5 News found him.  The news station coverage of Bob’s house begins with the wicked clown face I presented on our blog on Oct. 1.

I love Halloween.  Actually, I love all holidays.  Give me a reason to celebrate and I am happy to join the fun.  But my passion for the holidays is nothing compared to Bob’s.  While he loves decorating for Christmas, as do many of our friends, he is unique in the wealth of decorations that fill his house before Halloween.

Bob’s house is intentionally creepy.  It is filled with vampires, witches, spiders and other symbols of the holiday.

Skeletons in holiday attire, party outfits and wedding gowns are found in abundance.  The skeletons are fake–

The coffins are real.  Well, sort of.  He paid to have multiple coffins built, in the line of coffins from the early West. Like everything else, they are decorated with colorful displays of ribbons, holiday lights and flowers.  They are overrun with spiders and more (fake) skeletons.

The decorations are the highlight of a visit to his house at Halloween but he does not stop there.  I have it on good authority (Bob) that he is preparing his special homemade goodies for the trick or treaters.

Are you ready for Halloween?

Halloween as a Season

It is October the 1st.  Halloween is coming.  We all know it.  How can we miss it.  Halloween decorations are everywhere.  Ghosts, goblins, decorated pumpkins and witches on brooms confront us in the homes of friends and neighbors.  Halloween decorations are for sale in retail stores and catalogues, right next to Christmas decorations–for a holiday almost three months away.  When did it happen?  I don’t know.  Why did it happen?  I don’t know that either.  Maybe it is a diversion from the economy, wars, and the political season.  Hard to guess.

Ambivalent as I am about this extended season of spooks and goblins, I decided it was timely to share this particularly wicked rendition of a clown. It isn’t necessarily related to Halloween, but it is an appropriate way to begin the month.

As though confused by the seasons, he is decorated with lights.  Ho, ho, ho?  No, no, no!