Art on the Wall — Kansas City’s East Side

Meg and I love to travel.  When we return home, she returns to Petaluma; I return to Kansas City. Missouri doesn’t have an ocean or a light house.  It doesn’t have sandy beaches.  It doesn’t have mountains.  But Kansas City does have art, lots of art.  Some amazing art is right in plain sight, but we don’t always notice it. I have spent a lot of time driving around the city recording this art. I thought I would share some of the art I found on Kansas City’s East Side.

Sometimes the artist is paid well for the paintings or is a professional who volunteers his/her time and talent. This mural on Troost Avenue presents images of Kansas City’s history: Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, Martin Luther King, Jr., native Americans.

Some art is for children, such as the mural at Operation Breakthrough, which records the images of creatures, large and small.

Sometimes kids create their own art without permission on bridges, abandoned buildings and overpasses, ie graffiti. The vivid colors are impossible to ignore.

Frequently road art captures the essence  of a community  within a community.  Sometimes it conveys hope.

Other times it conveys the joy of creativity and the enthusiasm of youth.