For Aunt Kathie

Aunt Kathie is Lily and Cousteau’s “Aunt” in Kansas City. Kathie is a greyhound rescuer, REGAP┬ávolunteer, and foster mom. She was Lily’s foster mom before we adopted her, and she has since adopted the name “Aunt Kathie” since she sat for our kiddos often when we lived in Kansas City.

Well, Lily and Cousteau have been running around the house “naked” lately (meaning, without their collars), and Aunt Kathie wasn’t very happy about that. SO, being the good mommy that I am, I have put their collars back on.

Aunt Kathie, this one’s for you!

For those of you who are not familiar with greyhounds, they are absolutely the sweetest and most loving dogs I’ve ever known. They have very difficult lives while in the racing industry, yet still make amazing companions despite their hardships. Please consider rescuing a retired racer. You can visit your local greyhound rescue group, or visit one of the following groups we’ve worked with: Kansas City REGAP, and Wine Country Greyhounds


My Beautiful Birthday Girl: Happy 10th Birthday Lily!

Today, my little Lily turns 10 years young. We adopted her almost 3 years ago from a rescue group in Kansas City called Retired Greyhounds As Pets (REGAP). Well actually, she picked us. As our “firstborn” greyhound, she is a bit spoiled, but she is such a perfect little girl. For her birthday, she is spending the day being extra lazy, though I suppose that’s nothing new. Perhaps her goal today is to see if she can be more lazy than usual. It’s a hefty goal! But I’ll bet she can do it. For example, this is Lily on the love seat this morning…

Here are some photos of little missy and her very busy year. She became a big sister just over a year ago to our little boy, Cousteau. She made a cross-country move to California. She’s been to the beach.

It’s been a wonderful year with my little girl. Here’s hoping for many more:)