Jayhawk Pride: Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!!

My husband and I both went to University of Kansas for undergrad. We are Jayhawks through and through. Naturally, we have been glued to our big screen during the last several weeks of March Madness. With KU’s amazing history of basketball, it’s hard not to get sucked in to the Rock Chalk madness. Beginning in 1898, with the father of KU basketball, James Naismith, the Jayhawks have always been a force to be reckoned with. I even learned a few years ago that Phog Allen, one of Naismith’s players and his successor as head coach, grew up in the same house my grandparents lived in for years. So there you have it, I was destined to be a Jayhawk, and to love KU basketball.

For last night’s big game against Kentucky, we drove into the city to meet some friends (mostly PHS crew: Ryan, Ted, Eddie, Stephanie). We went to the Mad Dog, completely decked out in Kansas gear, some of us wearing the exact same attire we’d worn throughout the whole tournament. Even though we didn’t pull out a win, we still had a blast. I didn’t realize how many Jayhawks there are in San Francisco! Once inside the bar, the level of Jayhawk pride almost made me feel like I was down on Mass. Bill Self would’ve been proud.

Our loss against Kentucky last night was a tough pill to swallow. We all feel a little wounded today, but our guys played their hearts out. Withey even scored a new blocking record. And while we may not yet have another national title under our belt, I’m proud of our players. Trust me, we’ll still be there for them next year, and every year after, no matter how the games end.

For all the other Jayhawks out there, Rock Chalk!