Graffiti Marathon: The Mother Load

There is probably no area in Kansas City with a more varied mix of graffiti than the blocks extending from Oak to Cherry and from 19th Street to 16th.  IMG_3662

I suggest you get your walking shoes as you explore the neighborhood.  Some walls are in your face.

IMG_3641But there is graffiti everywhere.  It is in alleys, behind fences and almost completely hidden by automobiles and dumpsters.



Every time I explore the area I find new treasurers I have missed in prior visits.


Bug on a Tree

After Meg and Jake’s somewhat relaxed weekend with family and friends, they are back at work.  Meg is working crazy hours for a couple of months so she asked me to take primary responsibility for the blog in her absence.

All is not lost.  She did contribute a great photograph of a locust she took here in Kansas City with her Olympus camera. The scientific name for the locust is “cicada” or even more technical “cicadodea”.  But we all know them as locusts.  Whether cicadodea, cicada, or locust, it is, apparently, among the most widely recognized of all insects.

Shakespeare might have said, “a cicada by any other name” is still a funny looking creature.  So is its shell!