The Canals of Amsterdam

Nothing reflects the personality of Amsterdam more than the canals in the heart of the historic city.  Built during the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century, the canals of Amsterdam are a tourist wonder and a local delight.  The canals are also a constant reminder that in a city that sits below sea level, the sea and the land are intertwined.


The canals were placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List effective 2010.  Neighborhoods surround the canals.  Swans swim on the canals.  House boats on the canals are the homes of some Dutch residents.


Many of the homes surrounding the canals predate the canals themselves.  This photo reflects the elegance of one Dutch neighborhood.

The canals extend through Amsterdam’s cultural center.


They reflect the history of the city for locals and tourists alike.


Sophia Begins British School

I woke up this morning with this photograph of our granddaughter, Sophia, waiting for me in my g-mail. Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer here in the U.S.  There is no similar holiday in the Netherlands.  But the change of seasons is marked, there as here, by the beginning of school.

For Sophia that means splitting her 3 year old attention on two schools–Dutch School and British School–both located near her home in Amsterdam.  It is important to her parents that she be comfortable speaking Dutch and English.  A great way to accomplish this goal is to send her to schools where she will be encouraged to speak, read and think comfortably in both languages.  Here she is in her uniform for British School.  To Sophia, school is all about fun, friends and activity.

For the moment, we wouldn’t have it any other way.