The Sea

The sea was calm as I watched this motor cruiser head North in the waters of the Atlantic.  What a great way to start the day.  But with severe storms causing havoc in the Northeast, it was easy to see the fragile balance between the beauty of the sea and the perils that it can present.  While better equipped than an ancient fishing boat to weather a storm, this more sophisticated boat is still just a speck on the surface of the ocean.

As I publish this post, the Mid-West is being pounded with its own winter storm. We sit at home, grateful we are not in the storm and reminded how quickly weather can turn.

I am reminded of the Irish Fisherman’s Prayer:

Dear Lord, be good to me

The sea is so wide

And my boat is so small.
DSC_0103If you are in the path of today’s storm, I hope you are warm, safe, and surrounded by those you love.


Unless You Are A Fish

As Hurricane Sandy approaches the East Coast, citizens who live directly in its path are urged to evacuate, especially from low-lying areas along the water.  Schools are closed, transportation is virtually at a standstill.

So, East Coast residents, take heed.  Unless you are a fish, find shelter.

Good luck and be safe.