HP: From Meg’s Point of View

With Mum visiting for a few days from Kansas City, I wanted to show her some of my favorite places to run and hike. Helen Putnam Regional Park is one of those places. On a beautiful Saturday morning, we parked the Jeep and headed out with our cameras.

Helen Putnam Regional Park

Looking through the trees at the trails beyond, Mum thought this trail looked like an old path for the wagons venturing into the west during the California Gold Rush.

Tree at Helen Putnam Regional Park

This was such a funky tree. Its branches dipped all the way down to the ground, and its knotty trunk had a whole family of geckos. Such an interesting site.

Trails at Helen Putnam Regional Park

This is a great shot of the trails at HP. I love running here, or walking with the kids, or just going up and taking in the views. It is such an amazing treasure here in Petaluma. One of the many reasons I love living in beautiful California.

Walking In Helen Putnam Park, Mom’s Camera

Family travel always involves exploring the environment around us. Northern California is a perfect destination for discovering new and wonderful places.  On a recent visit to see Meg, we put on our walking shoes and, with cameras in hand, hiked and drove through the wonderful countryside in Sonoma County.

Our first hike focused on Helen Putnam Park, located just west of Petaluma.  The park includes 216 acres of grasslands and forests.  In late April, the wildflowers were in bloom throughout the park.  The well-worn walking paths and old wagon roads could easily have been formed during the years of the California 1849 gold rush, when pioneers flocked into Petaluma from the Northeast.


We watched this woman happily make her way over the hill and around the bend in the path.


Home to geckos and birds, this gnarled old tree seemed timeless.


This old barn can be seen from the entry way to Helen Putnam Park.

Made in the USA Series: Good Buys, Great Clothes

Our blog has repeatedly turned to the issue of buying local products.  When we are together, Meg and I enjoy finding clothes, appliances, and local establishments to investigate and evaluate.  Her most recent visit was focused on clothes.  We are determined to search out and discover exciting products made here in the states and to look for other “good buys”.

Wow.  That is the best way to describe this season’s “made in the U.S.A.” clothes Meg and I found at Halls Department Store [1] on the Country Club Plaza.  Enticed by Meg’s $200 gift card, we decided to check out Halls’s upscale clothing department to see what we could find that is made here in the states.  We were so excited.  There is nothing drab, boring or unappealing about these labels.  Names like Citizen for Humanity, J Brand, Splendid, Vizcaino, Yoana Baraschi and Bailey44 are on the shelves in great styles, vivid colors and wearable clothes.  While not priced for everyone, they are proof positive we can find great clothes manufactured here in the states.


Meg loved this top made by Splendid.  Virtually everything in this photo was made in the U.S.A.


This is a fun, casual dress by Splendid.


Definitely patriotic, befitting its “made in the U.S.A.” heritage, this is another dress by Bailey44.


I bought this top made by Bailey44.

Who said you can’t find a variety of fashionable clothing made in the U.S.?  Well, actually we have said it ourselves!  Now we are finding that with persistence, and a willingness to carefully check labels, we can find great clothes we are more than happy to wear ourselves.  Happy shopping!

[1]  Some or all of these brands are also available at stores such as Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.  They are also available online.

Mother Daughter Bonding Kansas City Style

Kansas City is at its most beautiful in the Spring.  Mom is at her best when Meg visits.  Meg’s visit this week combines the best of my worlds: Spring and Meg!


Meg showing off her shopping prowess.


Meg enjoying a latte at Eddie’s Coffee House on State Line.


Meg and Ann with Casey on the bridge over I-670 in downtown Kansas City.

Happy Birthday Mama!!

On this day, just a few short years ago, my sweet Mumsy was born. She has done many incredible things in her life, both personally and professionally, but my absolute favorite is that she is my Mom.

Mumsy's Visit to CA

Life keeps us extremely busy, but we always find time to visit and enjoy life. Mumsy is always there to explore the world with me and marvel at new experiences. I’m so glad to have her as my “Big Me.”

Mumsy's Visit to CA

Happy Birthday, Mumsy! Love you to the sky!

Lil’ you:)

Savannah Trail

The trails of Helen Putnam Park are among my favorite places to explore. This beautiful space is on the west side of Petaluma, about 15 minutes across town from our house. There are over 200 acres of hills, trees, meadows and trails.

While Mum was visiting last weekend, we took a walk along Panorama Trail, which then meets up with the Savannah Trail. I love these shots. The trees are beautiful, with grass and wildflowers aplenty.

Helen Putnam Regional Park

Helen Putnam Regional Park