Carl Mesle at The K

Today would’ve been Granddad’s 100th Birthday. I’ve thought about him throughout the day today, scrolling through many wonderful memories. One of my recent favorites was the day he threw out the first pitch at a Royals game. It was September 2010, and as the oldest Eagle Scout in the Midwest, he was the lucky man who got to go out on the mound and throw the pitch. He was so happy that day, with 4,800 scouts there to celebrate with him, along with his family. So here is a photo of him on the big screen, smiling ear to ear, in honor of the Royals’ incredible third win against the Orioles tonight, and in honor of his (almost) 100th birthday.

GranddadFirstPitchBig hugs, Granddad. We will miss you always.


Happy Birthday Dear Meg, Happy Birthday To You

Say it isn’t so!   Seriously, Meg just doesn’t have time for a birthday.  She is way too busy saving the world.  Her life is in constant motion, working on Deb’s exciting campaign, protecting the environment and in all ways using her energy to make the world better, happier and more fun.

Meg In Overdrive

Meg In Overdrive

Her life is in constant motion.  Meg celebrates life, not just on her birthday, but everyday.  When she has free time she loves to:

Photograph her beloved California coast.

Meg Photographs Her Beloved California

Hike with Jake and their beloved greyhounds.

Family photo while hiking on Ring Mountain

And search for “made in the USA” clothing.


On your special day, Meg, relax and reflect on the great year you have had and the great years to come.  DSC_0025

Love ya–Mumsy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday to my Sweet Mama!

So, clearly Mum and I have been so busy the last few months that we hardly post anything, but today is a day to celebrate….IT’S MUM’S BIRTHDAY!!Meg and Ann in London, November 2013

Mumsy at Christmas 2013While I was working the 2012 campaign cycle, Mum sent me a card to keep me cheery and motivated. The front reads, “Three of my favorite words?” and then the inside says, “That’s my daughter.” Ever since then I’ve kept the card on my desk, because it always reminds me how loved and supported I am by this amazing woman.

Mum, I’m so sorry I can’t be there to give you a big birthday hug, but I hope it’s a wonderful day and that Casey gives you lots of love for the two of us! Oh, and getting on a plane with Mr. T to go to France won’t be too bad either:)

Love you,

Lil you:)

Auntie’s Day

On this beautiful Veteran’s Day, we also have the pleasure of celebrating Carol McCollister’s birthday! We always have a wonderful time together, no matter what we’re doing. Here, Auntie, Mum and I enjoyed a fun girls’ day  in the wine country (with Tio in tow) when Mum was visiting back in April.

Meg, Ann and Carol (Auntie) out in the wine country in April 2013.

Meg, Ann and Carol (Auntie) out in the wine country in April 2013.

Happy Birthday, Auntie. I hope Tio refrains from any surprises!


“El Tio” is another year older today (and, um…wiser? not a chance!). Also known as John Philip Wyek, or LTO for short, tall and strange Mr. Tio is such a joy, and occasionally a pain, to have in our lives:) He is also the famous inventor of the “Tio cake”, a birthday cake made by Tio that more often than not has inedible ingredients and strange combinations of props.

To give you an idea of how we celebrate the good times, here are a few of my favorite snap shots of the birthday boy.

Tio on New Year's Eve 2013

Tio and Auntie on New Year’s Eve 2013

Tio and Jim, NYE 2013

Tio (left) and Jim, NYE 2013

Happy Birthday, Tio!



Ringing in 30 with a bang

First of all, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU for all the wonderful birthday wishes! I received so many messages/phone calls/texts from friends and family, and most notably, a birthday serenade from my amazing second family, the Kempers. I feel very loved, thank you!

July 3rd hiking in Bodega Headlands

July 3rd hike in Bodega Headlands

I thoroughly enjoyed closing out my 20s, and had even more fun breaking in 30. Let me assure you, 30 is not boring! Dad came in town a few days before to spend the week with us in California. We went hiking, and running, and hiking, and climbing…. All things I absolutely love. In case I was worried about being in shape, well, I’m definitely not anymore.

July 4th hike in Bear Valley, Point Reyes

July 4th hike in Bear Valley, Point Reyes

Outdoor adventures paired very nicely with the numerous birthday celebrations. We had a lovely dinner with friends and family at the Fishmans, and then a 4th of July/Meg’s 30th continues party at Auntie & Tio’s, accompanied by Charneth (the bling master) and family. Fun was had by all, including the infamous Tio cake and making the birthday girl prance around in goofy garb (see evidence below).

When you turn 30, you get to wear bright red pants and a fun apron.

When you turn 30, you get to wear bright red pants and a fun apron.

If turning 30 was this much fun, I can’t wait for the next decade!

Happy Birthday Mama!!

On this day, just a few short years ago, my sweet Mumsy was born. She has done many incredible things in her life, both personally and professionally, but my absolute favorite is that she is my Mom.

Mumsy's Visit to CA

Life keeps us extremely busy, but we always find time to visit and enjoy life. Mumsy is always there to explore the world with me and marvel at new experiences. I’m so glad to have her as my “Big Me.”

Mumsy's Visit to CA

Happy Birthday, Mumsy! Love you to the sky!

Lil’ you:)

Jake Hodge Is 29 Today!!

IMG_0009It’s Jake’s birthday.  Jake, Meg and the dogs are driving between Wyoming and Nebraska on their way to Kansas City for the holidays.  At last report, they have stayed just ahead of bad weather.  It is a tough way to spend a birthday–driving across country with two greyhounds in the middle of winter.

Jake, we all wish you a great birthday. IMG_2042 Terry, Laura and Sophia send their love from Amsterdam Terry is visiting to be with Sophia for her 3rd birthday party tomorrow.

My dad, Sherry and Bill, Jon, Dana and Caroline all wish you a happy birthday.


I know you seem to work non-stop.  But you and Meg do have the benefit of those gorgeous California weekends to compensate for the hard work.

Have a wonderful birthday and arrive here safely.


Love from all of us.

Happy Birthday Pud!!

Who’s the best Pud ever? Gee, let me think! That would be, Pud, of course:) Today, Mr. Terry Christenberry turns another year young, and we’re happy to celebrate both in person, by phone, over FaceTime, and well, our handy blog.

Here’s to Terry.  A wise and wonderful husband, father and step-father:

A proud and adoring grandfather:

An awesome and macho grill-master:

Pud.  Have an amazing birthday today.  We love you!

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

28 years ago today, a very special friend was born. Andrew Chappelle has been one of my best friends since 6th grade. It all started out in P.E. class, though I can’t remember how. Pretty soon we were having high school camp outs and driving around like goof balls in the Jeep. In college, Andie flew to KC for a formal at my sorority. Needless to say, we’ve had some wonderful experiences as friends.

I am constantly in awe of my amazing friend. He has spent time working and studying in various places around the world. St. Louis, China, D.C., Doha. I’m pretty sure he even went to Jerusalem at one point, though I never heard the complete story. And even though I rarely get to see his smiling face, I always know I’ll get to see him for a brief moment when we’re both in Kansas City.

So Andiepoo, on your birthday, I want to say Thank You for being such a wonderful friend. Mumsy and I love you dearly. Happy Birthday!