The Big 30

Happy birthday, Meg. You were born one day short of Independence Day, 1983.  Your determination and strength of character have made your progression through life a ceaseless adventure.  I am always proud you are my daughter and look forward to the experience of watching your life continue to unfold.

Have a wonderful birthday.  Love ya tons.  Mum

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Jake Hodge Is 29 Today!!

IMG_0009It’s Jake’s birthday.  Jake, Meg and the dogs are driving between Wyoming and Nebraska on their way to Kansas City for the holidays.  At last report, they have stayed just ahead of bad weather.  It is a tough way to spend a birthday–driving across country with two greyhounds in the middle of winter.

Jake, we all wish you a great birthday. IMG_2042 Terry, Laura and Sophia send their love from Amsterdam Terry is visiting to be with Sophia for her 3rd birthday party tomorrow.

My dad, Sherry and Bill, Jon, Dana and Caroline all wish you a happy birthday.


I know you seem to work non-stop.  But you and Meg do have the benefit of those gorgeous California weekends to compensate for the hard work.

Have a wonderful birthday and arrive here safely.


Love from all of us.

They Say it’s Your birthday[1]—Have a good time

Good morning, Meg.  Happy July 3.  Happy birthday.   My wonderful daughter turns 29 years old today.  She is lovely, full of spunk and energy.  Meg loves taking on projects to make the world a better place and also to make her own world joyful.

This is the first time I haven’t been with you on your birthday.  Oh, my. I bought you presents.  They should arrive promptly today.  But something was missing.  Hmmm, what to do?  There needed to be more.  Something reminiscent of all the birthdays, we have spent together since your original birthday, when you were labeled the fire cracker baby, on July 3, 1983.
So I decided we needed a cake.  A special cake.  A birthday cake with pink hearts and ribbons and “Happy Birthday, Meg” written on its face.
So Meg, since you and Jake are in California, we had to party without you.  So we shared cake with the tennis group.  Terry and the tennis group send birthday greetings:
There was still cake left:
We went to dinner with Sherry and Mike.  They shared the cake and send their love:
By Monday there was just a bit of cake left.  Bob and Barb were delighted to share a piece of cake and to send you birthday greetings:
Aunt Sherry spent the night.  She sends her love and wishes you a wonderful birthday.  But she was too late to get any of the cake:

 Since you weren’t here, we celebrated without you.  Sorry you didn’t get to enjoy the cake.  Is it okay that we celebrated without you?
We all send our love.  Especially me.  Have a great birthday.  I miss you a bunch.  But I know you will have a great day with Jake, Auntie and Tio.  Love you.

[1] The Beetles

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Mama!

It has been an eventful last year for my cute Mum. It all started with a very special ceremony. In May of last year, I graduated from my Mum’s alma mater, UMKC School of Law. We both got the special honor of having her hood me during the graduation ceremony! It was a wonderful day.

Over the summer, my Mum fed me and gave me moral support while I was studying for the bar exam. She made me my favorite birthday cake, Tippin’s strawberry pie. Then she helped me pack, and sent me and the kids on our move out to California.

We saw each other of the holidays, where we played around the Christmas “tree” and visited with family. Our visits are always too short now!

For Easter, Mum and Terry came to visit us in California. We finally got the chance to show them our new stomping grounds. We saw the coast, tasted wine, ate some delicious cheese and took beautiful pictures.

We may not see each other as much as we used to, but we probably talk more. And thank goodness for the creation of Facetime! It may not be in person, but we still get to “see” each other through our nifty little devices. We also started a blog so we could continue having our in-depth conversations about the issues of the world. Ahh, the joys of modern technology.

So on this special day, “Mumsy’s Day,” I’d like you to join me in celebrating the birth of the greatest woman I know. She has always been one of my biggest supporters, and often dubs herself the official cheerleader of Team Meg. Of course, I’m her biggest fan as well. She’s an amazing judge, sister, wife, daughter and friend. But best of all, she’s the best Mum!

Happy Birthday Mumsy!

Love you,

Lil’ you:)