All That Jazz Kansas City Style

Kansas City is known for jazz. While not the birthplace of the music, it would be fair to say that jazz “grew up” here, and has become a part of Kansas City’s cultural identity.  It is not surprising, then, that it is performed in bars, nightclubs and the local parks.

Kansas City Parks and Recreation’s free jazz concert at the Rose Garden late last summer was just my cup of tea.  Mike White, former Jackson County Executive and a prominent Kansas City attorney, is also a jazz musician.  When Mike wants to play, there is always a crowd anxious to hear him!  People brought chairs, blankets and picnics to the concert and made a night of it.  Listening to the sounds of jazz while hanging out with neighbors and friends on a perfect summer night is just hard to beat.


Did you miss the concert in 2012?  Maybe you should get it on your calendar for 2013.  It is a great way to spend an evening.


iPhone camera. The reflections were unintended, but I think they enhance the mood of the photograph.


Wall Art: Kansas City’s Historic Midland Theater

Searching for Kansas City’s best outdoor art is one of the joys of my weekends.  This mural in Kansas City Mid-town features the Midland Theater.  Located at 1228 Main, it is a celebrated historic building that has, through the years, offered a venue for motion pictures, plays, events and, best of all, many local and national jazz legends.