Gargoyles in Mom’s Garden

Goblins, ghosts and gargoyles.  They delight us and remind us of the demons that haunted our dreams as children.

The garden is always full of interesting creatures. This gargoyle sits and guards the flowers and the trees, with elegance and a touch of magic.


Two Cameras: Two settings, Same Image

My old Canon FTb was a wonderful camera.  I used it to take this shot of a rusted metal sign advertising Kent cigarettes overlaying an earlier advertisement for L & M cigarettes.  Never a smoker myself I was attracted to the worn, faded image rather than the message.  The original photo was taken 35 years ago.

Since I bought my new Nikon D-5100 DSLR I have been struggling to master the camera’s potential.  Because this weekend is wonderfully dark and dreary, I have little opportunity for outdoor photography.  No complaints here, we’ve needed the rain!  But I am anxious to continue to explore, and have fun with, my camera.

I decided to manipulate  the image of this ragged old  sign.  Here it is.  The photograph was taken using he “effects” mode setting on my Nikon,  dialed to “color sketch”.