Missing Meg

You remember Meg?  My co-author.  That’s right, that Meg.  As the balance of her life has shifted to what seems to be a 24/7 schedule, she has disappeared from our blog. I found these photographs of Meg I took using the color sketch “effect” on my Nikon.

Just my way of assuring her that her presence is missed and that I am glad that she has only “faded away” temporarily.

Love you Meg. I will see you back on “Shifting the Balance” in November, when the balance of your life shifts back to a schedule giving you more time for Jake, Lily, Cousteau and the blog.  You are missed!


Two Cameras: Two settings, Same Image

My old Canon FTb was a wonderful camera.  I used it to take this shot of a rusted metal sign advertising Kent cigarettes overlaying an earlier advertisement for L & M cigarettes.  Never a smoker myself I was attracted to the worn, faded image rather than the message.  The original photo was taken 35 years ago.

Since I bought my new Nikon D-5100 DSLR I have been struggling to master the camera’s potential.  Because this weekend is wonderfully dark and dreary, I have little opportunity for outdoor photography.  No complaints here, we’ve needed the rain!  But I am anxious to continue to explore, and have fun with, my camera.

I decided to manipulate  the image of this ragged old  sign.  Here it is.  The photograph was taken using he “effects” mode setting on my Nikon,  dialed to “color sketch”.

Ann’s Office through the eyes of Color Sketch

Color sketch is a so-called “effects mode” on my Nikon.  Described by photography writer, Chris Hall, as “making something out of nothing”, these photographs prove you can create art out of everyday things.  The first photograph is the view from my office chair.  You can see my clock, weights, M&M machine and books.  In the upper left hand corner is a calendar Meg gave me for Christmas.  The cover is a photograph of my husband, Terry, sitting in the back yard.

The beautiful flowers in this shot are really ink pens Meg gave me for my birthday in 2009.  She was  in the midst of final exams her first year of law school.

These photographs include some of my favorite reminders of Meg and Terry. But color sketch sure does make my office more fun for those who don’t understand the pure pleasure I get from the treasures with which I have chosen to surround myself.