Nature’s Wall Art

I love graffiti.  But nature has her own art.  It’s superior to anything that human beings can create.  Well, at least for now. This clematis covered most of the stone wall behind it.



Siesta Key: a friendly place in Florida

Less than 100 miles North of Naples, but worlds apart, Siesta Key is a place to relax, squish your toes in the sand, run into the waves, and watch the sunset with friends.  It is as unpretentious as it is beautiful.  The restaurants are relaxed.  Children are welcome.  Live music fills the air, mostly in a style that would cause Jimmy Buffet and Willie Nelson to feel right at home.

The restaurants are lit with colorful lights, which sends the message it is the holiday season year round?  The music and the incredible smells of restaurant specialties, such as coconut fried shrimp, pulled pork and barbecue, entice

visitors and locals alike.  Who would choose to eat at home when the restaurants offer such great food and entertainment.  But then, why not eat at home when the grocery stores have such a wide assortment of Florida grown fruits, vegetables and fish  A happy dilemma, indeed.  The housing ranges from very modest to elegant.  While there are rows of lovely high-rise condominiums, it is the smaller homes and cottages that are the most interesting.

Many families have boats docked behind their homes, necessarily small enough to navigate the shallow waters and slide under bridges to reach the Bay.  Situated right on the canals, you can’t help but wonder if the crocodiles are lying in wait in the grasses by the shore.

If it is country clubs you want, or  elegant surroundings, go further south.  But if you are enthusiastic about simple things, like walking alone or with children along the beach, and if you’re excited about watching the ever-changing colors of the water and the sky, visit Siesta Key.