Nature’s Wall Art

I love graffiti.  But nature has her own art.  It’s superior to anything that human beings can create.  Well, at least for now. This clematis covered most of the stone wall behind it.



Kauffman Memorial Gardens’ Winter Beauty

As the season finally begins to change, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to visit Kauffman’s winter beauty one more time.  From November through March, the main event at Kauffman is in the arboretum. Tropical plants and flowers are in abundance.  A visit there is truly soothing to the soul.


And summer plantings are just around the corner!

Springtime in Petaluma

It is cloudy in Petaluma today, but you can still feel spring in the air. The flowers are blooming, the air is warming up, and the scent of fresh-cut grass looms under your nose. Spring is definitely here, and our backyard is finally starting to show it.

Down the street, there are a few beautiful blooming trees. I couldn’t resist playing with my camera for these.

What a beautiful afternoon.

Today is a Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful day.  Well, it is rainy and cool, but beautiful, nonetheless.  KU’s defeat is in the past.  We rejoice that Ku made it to the finals, although I am sad that MU did not.  Terry and I are Planning a great 4+ days with Meg, Jake and the greyhounds.

To all of our friends and followers we hope you have a day as beautiful as this picture.