A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Branson at its most elegant-The Chateau at Table Rock Lake.



Last Days of Summer on Martha’s Vineyard

It is the last days of summer.  Vacations have ended. The summer crowd has left the beaches. I comfort myself with a friend’s reminder that much as we love summer, winter is when things happen.

Still, we already yearn for the return of the lazy days of summer!

Summer Fun and Rose Beauty

It is a gorgeous day.  The temperature is well within the range of comfort.  Terry, Casey and I are ready to start our Sunday morning drive.  Casey is anxious.  He unfailingly knows that it is Sunday and rushes us as much as he can, barking and running around at our feet.

For such a beautiful day, I thought I would share with you an image of a rose in full, incredible bloom.

Have a great day!