Graffiti Marathon: Coming Soon

Westport has an extensive variety of graffiti, focused on Broadway, extending from Westport Road North.  Our next destination is 39th and Central.  Here, for the first time, I discovered a building where two walls are currently being painted with colorful murals.  Hopefully, you will immediately recognize our friend, Scribe.  Each painter has a unique style.  Many can be found in Westport, along Broadway, Oak, and even in the West Bottoms.


As I have driven throughout the city, I have become acquainted with many of the artists.  Many identify themselves with names like “Scribe”, “Saron”, “Storm”, “Frost” and “feminine”.  Some artists  use initials “SKY ZNK” and “TCTW”.  Their styles are also becoming familiar.


Cartoon characters, dogs, cats, dragons and birds and even insects, are common themes.


This great bull dog is identified as the work of “GEAR”.

For those not yet weary of graffiti, still to be explored is art from outside the Mid-town corridors.


Graffiti Marathon: 40th Street and Broadway

On the East side of Broadway, at 40th Street, there is a significant stretch of wonderful graffiti.  Begin at the Open Fire Wood Burning Pizza shop.  The front and South sides of the building have a wonderful mural identified as “GATS Coast to Coast 2013”.  The reference to GATS sent me to the internet.  GATS (Graffiti Against the System) identifies a California street artist whose paintings are found throughout the country as well as European countries including Portugal, Germany, Italy and England.  While s/he claims to paint illegally, I cannot imagine many of these murals would be in existence without the approval of the property owners.



Follow the mural into the adjacent parking lot behind the Highway 420 Smoke Shop.  There you will discover another series of panels created by  different artists.









Much to my surprise, graffiti continues beyond the South edge of the parking lot through a stretch of alley that extends East to Central.



More to come:  Graffiti under construction on 39th East of Broadway.

Graffiti Marathon: Westport and Broadway

Westport represents a distinctive subculture within the Kansas City community.  It is hip.  It is alternative.


It is the place young people go on Friday night, Saturday night and St. Patrick’s Day.  It is also a mecca for graffiti artists.


AKKA Karate deserves its own post.  Located at 40th Terrace, just North of Westport Road, AKKA is rich with graffiti.


Colorful images fill the East and North sides of the building.  They delight us with their creative energy.


Tigers, fish with fangs, honey bees and other strange critters, known and unknowable, confront us from the walls.


If you look closely, and compare the images on these walls, you will start to see similarities to other paintings on walls throughout town.

IMG_3703 (4)


Scribe, whoever you are, congratulations on some great work.

Next, we will cross Broadway where more graffiti awaits us.

Meg and Jake are Back in Town

Nothing warms my heart more than Meg’s presence in my town, my house, and my car. Hanging out, talking about life, work, and the challenges of both, are the basis of solid bonds.  Despite the sudden cooling of the weather around me, my heart overflows with the warmth of Meg’s presence.

Meg and Jake were in town for a brief visit in the midst of their frantic lives.  Visiting Kansas City for a wedding they made full use of the weekend with visits with family, friends and elderly relatives (no, I don’t mean Terry and me).  They kept a schedule almost as busy as if they were working back in California.  Much of the weekend was fun, but it was fun with a purpose. Because of that, the luxury of lunch on the Country Club Plaza was our special time, just the two of us enjoying a gorgeous afternoon. We shopped for clothing to spiff up her wardrobe, focused on outfits that she can transition from office to work related social events to casual weekend outings.  Our friend, Martha Jane, now works at this great little shop we learned might have clothes for Meg’s needs.  Her expertise made this a fun and successful adventure. But no, the glittery gold dress was not among our purchases. Friday we attended a wedding of Meg’s friend from UMKC Law School.  While scheduled for the Rose Garden at Loose Park, the weather, particularly the remnants of Hurricane Issac, had other plans.  It rained all day, forcing the wedding inside.  Californo’s, in Westport, efficiently transitioned the reception area to a wedding venue and back to a reception hall in record time.  The bride looked great, we had a fun evening and our parks and gardens got much needed moisture. Friday was a record day for “views” on our blog.  We didn’t understand it until Jake explained that he used our blog as the equivalent of an old-fashioned scrapbook, showing his family photographs from their travels and California adventures.

Ultimately it was time for their return to Petaluma.  I will miss them, but it is a happy sadness, knowing that their lives, and ours, are rich and full of adventure.